Service by professionals.

Repair Services

Florida Electronics supports top manufacturers of professional A/V equipment and consumer electronics alike. We service products in warranty and out of warranty. 

We are a fully equipped repair, modification, and maintenance facility for the A/V professional (and aspiring professional) in the recording, sound reinforcement, installation, A/V, broadcast, and entertainment industry.

We Provide 

Workbench 1.jpg
  • Repair and maintenance of warranty and out of warranty equipment

  • Installation of in and out of warranty upgrades and modifications

  • Hardware and software upgrades

  • Modifications and restorations of classic vintgage equipment

  • Sourcing of parts and accessories

  • Service, modification and maintenance for North, Central, South America and the Caribbean

Our Goals

  • To surpass all expectations for efficiency and quality in professional A/V service

  • Provide quality workmanship for all repairs, modifications and maintenance in the most ethical and affordable way possible




5901 N.W. 176th Street #3
Miami FL 33015



  • pro sound and electronic musical equipment

  • recording systems 

  • digital/analog boards

  • powered mixers

  • effects processors

  • samplers

  • keyboards

  • microphones

  • a/v receivers

  • cd players

  • amplifiers

  • powered speakers

    and many more