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Providing service to both in and out of warranty products.

Warranty Service


To cover the cost of repairs of a product under warranty, manufacturers require Proof of Purchase in the form of an original, legible sales receipt or a legible copy of the original sales receipt.

 A few manufacturers require the customer to contact the factory directly  for a Service Return Authorization Number before the product is brought to Florida Electronics. If the warranty status is misrepresented, the customer is liable for the diagnostic fee and/or the cost of the repair. The customer is also liable for the cost of repairs if the manufacturer declines warranty coverage for any reason after the repair is performed. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping units to and from FESI. Warranty Policies of manufacturers vary.  See our POLICIES for more info. To find out more about a specific manufacturer's Warranty Policy, please click on the manufacturer listed below. 

Non-Warranty Service


  • A non-refundable pre-paid Diagnostic Fee of $100.00 is required for each non-warranty repair.  The Diagnostic Fee will be applied to the actual repair cost once approved.

  • If the repair cost is less than $160.00, we will proceed with the repair without consulting the customer for authorization.

  • The customer is responsible for all in-bound and out-bound shipping costs of any products that are sent to FESI for diagnosis and repair.

  • For our SHIP-IN customers, and Advance Authorization is an option to speed up repair jobs.

  • Check our POLICIES for more information on Advance Authorization.

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